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ETI’s Role as a Printed Circuit Board Assembly Leader in Gaming Technology

Bay Tek Case Study

ETI Provides Printed Circuit Board Assembly For A Leader Among Gaming Companies


ETI and Bay Tek Entertainment are both Wisconsin-based companies with a decades-long reputation for quality. Bay Tek, a leader in its industry, relies on ETI for printed circuit board and wire harness assembly for the innovative games it develops and manufactures. Over the years, family-owned Bay Tek has also acquired several other gaming and amusement companies, including the beloved Skee-Ball, Inc., to fulfill its vision of “awesome entertainment for people of all ages.”

How ETI and Bay Tek Work Together For Precision PCB Assembly

Experienced in a wide range of industrial and high-tech applications, ETI’s technical team uses a rigorous PCB assembly process to manufacture custom solutions for Bay Tek’s games, user-friendly redemption system and self-contained Prize Center. Our approach makes a point of finding and addressing potential manufacturing and supply chain issues as early as possible. In collaboration with Bay Tek’s technical team, we optimize the PCB assembly and wire harness designs for production and manufacture them to strict specifications. This exceptional level of quality and service has helped ETI retain Bay Tek’s business since 2007.

Innovation in Action: The Evolve Redemption System

Bay Tek’s games are always evolving as technology leaps forward. For ticket redemption games, the aptly named Evolve redemption system replaces heaps of paper tickets or expensive e-ticket systems with a single, simple printed coupon that indicates the total number of tickets available to the player. A QR code on the coupon is scanned at the automated prize redemption center for easy selection and redemption. 

It’s a streamlined system for the player and the arcade operation, but complex mechanical and electronic components are required to make it work. ETI’s expert printed circuit board assembly process is an important ingredient in the mix of components, as are the company’s wire harnesses.

Why Bay Tek Chose ETI Over Other Printed Circuit Board Assembly Companies

Bay Tek’s games include fun, familiar names like Connect4Hoops, Skee-Ball Glow and Trolls. There are many steps in developing, designing and manufacturing these games. Electronic components are a critical element, so that the games and ticket redemption systems operate reliably and provide the best experience for everyone involved, especially the players. ETI provides quality and service that Bay Tek can trust as part of these complex systems, which typically see heavy use by the public, day in and day out.

A Successful Partnership for ETI and Bay Tek

Since 2007, when the hard work of ETI’s rep group brought Bay Tek’s business to us, this leading gaming company has relied on ETI to provide excellent quality, on-time delivery and excellent customer service. We’re proud to help Bay Tek make innovative games for all ages.

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