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Serving Your Industry

We work with clients in an array of top industries, to offer our electronic contract manufacturing services to an industry like yours

Industrial Controls

Whether for controlling water treatment facilities, large manufacturing equipment, custom conveyor systems, portable pipe cutting machine tools, back-up power generation equipment, small engines or sports arena lighting systems, our experience in manufacturing for industrial controls is second to none.

Medical Equipment

We can help you get your new technology to market with speed and confidence by partnering with a trusted partner. We offer flexible manufacturing services that meet the needs of any sized company, from start-up firms to larger OEMs. You can have confidence in the high-quality standards which are critical for your product success. Smart, responsive support from our knowledgeable team.


We build sensors that monitor HVAC/R, as well as humidity, pressure, and air quality monitoring that effectively save money and energy and reduce dependency on natural resources. These systems control complete buildings to very specific applications of protecting valuable artifacts in museums, as well as immersion sensors that monitor the temperature of the water jacket between the base of a 33-story high antenna and the turntable used in NASA deep space exploration.


From high-end corporate jets to commercial airlines, we provide the manufacturing expertise to the wire harnesses and PCBA’s used in the interiors of these aircraft; both new equipment or aircraft retrofit.

Heavy Machinery

Whether for cement booms, overhead cranes, marine, mining, forestry, or agricultural equipment we have the experienced team and resources to build quality wire harnesses and electronic control boxes for your heavy equipment.


From massive wire harnesses to printed circuit board assemblies we build controls and harnesses for harvesting and planting equipment, herd management equipment for dairy farmers, and controllers for field application products.