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Box Build Solutions

Integrated Box Build Assembly Capabilities Minimize Supply Chain Risk

Our vertically integrated box build solutions help our customers streamline their supply chains. Our turnkey box build manufacturing capabilities eliminate the risk and complexity of working with multiple suppliers for cable assemblies, wire harnesses and PCB assembly. At ETI/ACH, your box build assembly project will be managed by one team, in one location, with a single point of contact for customer service.

Why Partner with ETI/ACH for Box Builds?

It’s not just about finding a single supplier. You know that quality and service matter. Box build assembly applications vary widely. Whether it’s a printed circuit board assembly mounted in a small plastic box that’s potted, or a highly complex system in a weather-tight powder coated enclosure, manufacturing a reliable box build requires a knowledgeable and well-trained team of experts. We’ll work with you one-on-one to ensure you receive a high-quality, custom-tailored solution that fully meets your specifications and does the job it’s meant to do. You’ll benefit from:

  • An experienced technical team certified to UL 508A, as well as IPC class II and III standards.
  • A focus on customer service that treats every project as unique.
  • Attention to detail and quality combined with efficient production methods.

What is a Box Build Assembly?

Combining electronics and/or electro-mechanical components, a box build assembly is an enclosure that contains devices that allow for the control of a piece of equipment or machinery.

  • Electro-mechanical box builds incorporate components such as switches, relays, meters, connectors, and DIN rails.
  • An electronic box build also includes printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies among its components. 
  • Wiring harnesses or cable harnesses are usually part of a complete box build.

Our Box Build Capabilities Combine Our Expertise in Wire and Cable Harnesses and PCB Assembly

Our electronic box build expertise is built upon a combination of the discipline of PCB assembly and the complexity of custom wire harness and cable assembly. Together, these capabilities add up to skillfully manufactured box build assemblies that perform reliably, many in harsh environments.

We Source Components, Sub-Assemblies and Enclosures

In addition to manufacturing the necessary wire and cable harnesses and PCB assemblies, we are sourcing experts. We will source all components from our vast list of supply chain partners. This may include switches, sensors, relays, DIN rails, power supplies and other components required for your complete box build. We will also source the standard or custom enclosure—whether it is NEMA rated, powder coated, weather sealed stainless steel, cast aluminum or plastic, and whether it measures a few inches or a few feet across.  

Our unique combination of capabilities and experience—combined with a strong commitment to customer service—makes ETI/ACH a smart choice as a box build assembly partner.

Our Turnkey Box Build Assembly Process

Box build assembly incorporates the processes for manufacturing wire harnesses and cable assemblies, as well as our process for assembling printed circuit boards in an electronic box build. Our manufacturing process incorporates inspection and testing at multiple points. 

  1. PROBLEM SOLVING: We review the Bill of Materials and assembly documents for manufacturability and discuss any ideas we have for efficiency or cost savings with the customer.
  2. SUPPLY CHAIN: Source the enclosure and all of the components.
  3. SUB-ASSEMBLY MANUFACTURING: Manufacture and test the PCBs and cable or wire harnesses that will be included in the box build.
  4. INTEGRATION: Customize, assemble and test the integrated system, making sure that specifications are met and connections are robust.
  5. Firmware: Install firmware and configure the system. 
  6. FINAL TESTING: Additional testing and quality control.
  7. COMPLETION & DELIVERY: Special considerations for packaging, labeling and shipping.

Box Build Assembly Industries & Applications

Given the critical functions that electronic box builds and electro-mechanical box builds perform, it is essential that they are manufactured to the strictest standards. ETI is trusted to integrate systems for customers and end users across a wide range of industries, including: 

  • Aerospace 
  • Medical 
  • Communications 
  • Conveyor systems
  • Industrial controls 
  • Manufacturing controls
  • Pipe-cutting equipment
  • Power generation
  • Water treatment
  • High-density mobile storage systems
  • Agriculture