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Custom Electronic Controls, Cable Harnesses and Wire Assemblies for Agricultural Equipment and Systems

Manufacturing Expertise to Meet Your Rigorous Performance Requirements

The agriculture industry is uniquely important in that it supplies the world’s basic needs. Investments in reliable agricultural machinery help ensure that agricultural operations proceed efficiently and effectively, and this machinery necessitates the use of high-quality wire harnesses and electronic controls.

At American Cable and Harness, our experienced team has the knowledge and skills needed to produce custom electronic controls, wire harnesses and custom cable assemblies for agricultural equipment and systems. Our products are constructed to meet our customers’ performance needs and abide by the highest quality standards.

Robust Wire and Cable Harnesses that Stand Up to Harsh Conditions

Agricultural equipment is often subject to harsh operating and environmental conditions, such as exposure to extreme temperatures, abrasive or corrosive compounds and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Additionally, the design of most machines involves many moving parts. For these reasons, the cable assemblies used in agricultural machinery must be highly durable and flexible to withstand long-term use without experiencing performance issues.

At American Cable and Harness, we fully understand the importance of efficient, robust and reliable equipment to the agriculture industry. We manufacture and test our wire harnesses to withstand extreme industry applications—such as harvesting, planting, irrigation and dairy applications—by offering ultrasonic welding of splices, braiding and 100% continuity testing.

A Trusted Manufacturing Partner for Harvesters, Pumps, Irrigation Systems and More

Wire and cable harnesses are used in many types of agriculture machines with different designs, purposes and operating requirements. Our custom manufacturing and assembly services ensure wire and cable solutions that fully meet your specifications and standards, whether the product will be installed in a harvester, irrigation system, pump or other agricultural machine. Since components are tailored to the needs of the specific system, they are guaranteed to offer the necessary performance characteristics and to operate more effectively and efficiently than standard products, and this can translate to lower operating, maintenance and replacement costs over time.

Assembly to Your Specifications, With an Emphasis on Customer Service

American Cable and Harness has served as a source of high-quality custom wire and cable products for over 30 years. Throughout our years in business, we’ve provided customers from virtually every industry—including agriculture—with electrical connection solutions for some of the most challenging applications. To learn more about how we can help you with your cable and wire harness manufacturing needs, contact us today for a more detailed assessment of your requirements.

An Integrated Solution for Agriculture

Electronic Contract Manufacturing

Your complex requirements for agricultural equipment and systems call for a trusted supply chain partner with sophisticated, integrated capabilities. Rigorous, reliable and responsive, we deliver quality and value in PCB assembly and cable harness and wire assembly through continuous improvement, personalized service and ISO 9001:2015 quality management.

Spudnik Case Study

ETI Services for North America’s Largest Potato Equipment Company

An ETI customer since 2015, Spudnik relies on us to provide printed circuit board assemblies and wire harnesses for products including the 4-Row Potato Planter, the 6-Row Vine Chopper, which reduces the need for chemical weed control, and the 4-Row Windrower, which digs up the crop at harvest time, quickly but gently…