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Custom Wire Harness Assemblies

Overhead crane harness with 24 multi pin connectors

Custom Wire Harness Assembly and Superior Customer Service

Our mission is to provide high-quality wire harness assemblies and services that help our customers gain a competitive advantage in their markets. We support this mission with an experienced employee team, the right equipment and a level of service that is unsurpassed. Whether filling scheduled orders or building a custom stocking program, we’re a partner you can rely on to help meet your production goals.

Custom Wire Harness Assemblies Since 1995

Since American Cable & Harness (ACH) was founded, we’ve provided unmatched expertise and quality combined with one-on-one personal service to deliver exactly what you need, when you need it.

  • Decades of custom harness assembly experience
  • Efficient production methods
  • Box build capabilities for a complete, vertically integrated solution
  • Industry connections to a vast supply chain

Our highly trained technical staff treats every project as unique, because every project truly is. Whether you need 20,000 small wire harnesses for hair clippers or a short run of a critical component for a sophisticated medical device, you will receive a robust and reliable assembly.

What Is A Wire Harness Assembly?

A custom wire harness is a bundled grouping of wires and/or cables that is installed into a larger product or device during the manufacturing process to create connections such as power or data within the product or device. Each wiring harness assembly project is unique in its length, quantity, complexity and application. No two custom wire harnesses are alike. 

What Makes A Wire Harness Assembly Different From A Cable Assembly?

A wire harness organizes wires together while keeping them all visible and allowing individual wires to be removed if necessary. They’re usually installed in components of products or devices that are used in less challenging environments and applications and have an external hard shell for protection. Wire harness assemblies are also present in most automobiles and airplanes. A cable assembly is generally more durable and intended to withstand tough environmental hazards such as moisture, friction and heat. We can help you determine whether the assembly you need is called a wire harness assembly or a cable assembly. We manufacture both.

Custom Wire Harness Capabilities from Simple to Complex

  • Automated cutting & stripping of multi-conductor cable
  • Cutting, stripping & terminating of lead wires
  • Large harness capability (up to 50 feet)
  • Braiding
  • Looming
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Potting
  • ROHS-compliant tin dipping
  • Inline hot stamping of alphanumeric characters
  • Semi-automated heat shrinking
  • Wire marking
  • Label wrapping
  • Automated pull testing
  • Continuity & functional testing of complete harnesses

Continuity & Functional Testing of Custom Wire Harness Assemblies

You can count on the functionality and reliability of your completed wire harness assemblies. Capabilities include:

CableEye Testing

  • Checks for opens, shorts and mis-wires 
  • Measures diode forward voltage
  • Checks resistance values
  • Tests conduction and isolation resistance against specified thresholds

Automated Pull Testing (performed on all terminal crimps)

  • Ensures against under-crimping, which can pull off the wire and/or jacket
  • Ensures against over-crimping, which can damage the wire and the jacket

Your All-In-One Solution

We serve customers in many industries, such as industrial controls, scientific instrumentation, aerospace, medical, agriculture, water purification and monitoring, high-density mobile storage systems and HVACR building controls. Rigorous, reliable and responsive, we exceed expectations through continuous improvement, personalized service and ISO 9001:2015 quality management.

New Product Introduction (NPI) Process for Custom Wire Harness Assemblies

Bill of Materials

The customer provides a list of materials and requirements, which goes to our engineers for analysis.

Cut Sheet

Our engineers break down the bill of materials, fill in gaps, and organize it to allow our team to put together an NPI build. The cut sheet must be detailed in describing characteristics such as the type of wire, its gauge, its color, its length and how far back it should be stripped.

The NPI Build

New Product introduction

Our team lays out the custom wire harness and creates an engineering document, including details regarding looming, sleeving, braiding or tie-wrapping.


By examining and testing the NPI build, we determine what must be changed and capture that information in Engineering Change Notices. The bends, breakouts and multiple terminals involved can mean that wires need to be longer or shorter, or the amount they are stripped back must be changed. Continuity testing assures our customers that the routing of the wire matches from end to end.


After changes and testing are complete and the customer has signed off, we proceed to the production build.

Custom Wiring Harness Industries & Applications

Many everyday household products and tools incorporate wire harness assemblies. Here are just a few of the applications and industries representing our experience as a wire harness assembly manufacturer, from lighting inside private jets, to leaf blowers and sheep shears, to custom wire harnesses for medical and dental equipment.

  • Aeronautics
  • Arcade Games
  • Automotive Interlock Devices
  • Battery Packs
  • Boilers
  • Braking Systems
  • Commercial Lighting
  • Commercial Ovens
  • Dock Lights
  • Drive-up Window Systems
  • Electrical Meters