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Industrial PCB Assembly for Control Applications

Printed Circuit Board Assemblies or Box Builds for A Variety of Industrial Control Applications

Decades of Experience, Meticulous Attention to Detail

Whether for water treatment, large equipment, custom conveyor systems or other applications, our experience in contract manufacturing for industrial controls is second to none. And it shows in the consistency of each box build. They’re precisely built with every unit appearing identical down to the smallest detail.

We also deliver PCBAs for enclosures that may be finished elsewhere. These board assemblies are made with strict process controls for rigid applications.

Complete Enclosures, Including Wiring Harnesses

Our skilled employees build entire enclosures, including all the wiring harnesses and custom cable assemblies, for a wide range of industrial control applications. Enclosures may include board assemblies or may consist entirely of electro-mechanical devices such as switches, relays, and meters. Our experienced team provides an unsurpassed level of service to make sure customers receive properly functioning products on time and on budget.

Electronic control system with LCD display, multiple connectors, and ribbon cable in a mounted gray box.

An Integrated Solution for Industrial Controls

Electronic Contract Manufacturing

Major investments in industrial controls call for a trusted supply chain partner with sophisticated, integrated capabilities. Rigorous, reliable and responsive, we deliver quality and value through continuous improvement, personalized service and ISO 9001:2015 quality management.

Detailed view of a blue printed circuit board featuring an array of surface-mounted components and integrated circuits.

Spudnik Case Study

ETI Services for North America’s Largest Potato Equipment Company

An ETI customer since 2015, Spudnik relies on us to provide printed circuit board assemblies and wire harnesses for products including the 4-Row Potato Planter, the 6-Row Vine Chopper, which reduces the need for chemical weed control, and the 4-Row Windrower, which digs up the crop at harvest time, quickly but gently…