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Spudnik Case Study

Electronic Manufacturing Services for North America’s Largest Potato Equipment Company


Founded in 1958, as a manufacturer of potato scoopers for use during harvest season, Spudnik has grown to dominate the potato equipment sector of the agricultural machinery market. Its products are used for planting, harvesting, and vine chopping potatoes and sugar beets in the United States and globally. Spudnik’s customers depend on their equipment being rugged and reliable—and that includes the electronic assemblies and wire harnesses.

The ETI/ACH Solution

We were able to offer Spudnik a one-source solution for both their printed circuit board assemblies and wire harnesses, which many of our competitors can’t do. Being able to contract with one supplier and one project manager for board assemblies, cable assemblies and wire harnesses that are used in the same product helps to make our customers’ lives easier.

An ETI/ACH customer since 2015, Spudnik relies on us to provide board assemblies and wire harnesses for products including the 4-Row Potato Planter, the 6-Row Vine Chopper, which reduces the need for chemical weed control, and the 4-Row Windrower, which digs up the crop at harvest time, quickly but gently.

The average American eats a lot of potatoes. Estimates vary, but it’s well over 100 lbs. annually. Whether you like potatoes baked, mashed or matchstick, ETI/ACH helps them get from the field to your table.

Key Facts




Printed Circuit Board Assemblies and Wire Harnesses

We have had ETI manufacturing our electronics for over 5 years.  We originally decided to give them a try because of their reasonable prices.  Their offerings were just what we needed.  They have been great to work with ever since.  They have always been upfront and honest about their work.  Whenever there have been supply chain issues they always come to me with a possible alternate first.  They have also been easy to work with in testing and repairing our boards when needed.

Cameron Neff @ Spudnik Equipment Company LLC | Electrical Engineer

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Our experience in PCB assemblies and wire harnesses for agricultural and heavy machinery applications, combined with our customer service focus and attention to detail, might be just what you need in a production partner.