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Aerospace PCB Assembly and Wire Harness Solutions

The Role of Electronics in the Aerospace Industry

Aerospace electronics must be capable of dealing with the changing environment and speed around them. High quality and top performance are absolutely required. A single mistake can pave the way to deadly results. 

Any spacecraft or aircraft would be useless without precisely functioning electronics, including printed circuit board assemblies and wire harnesses. Electronics are key to solving communication challenges, safety challenges and other issues inherent in the changing environment of space. ETI/ACH manufacturers custom aerospace PCB assembly and wire harness solutions to help meet these challenges.

Aerospace PCB Applications

Traveling, navigation and communication in space wouldn’t be possible if not for the electronics containing PCB assemblies. Strict process controls are necessary for these assemblies, and ETI/ACH is disciplined in meeting complex requirements for these specialized components. Aerospace electronics contain robust and reliable printed circuit board assemblies required for systems such as:

• Communications

• Flight control

• Flight planning

• Flight support

• Flight operations management

• Propulsion system monitoring

Electronic Contract Manufacturing for Safety and Comfort in Business Jets

Today’s business jet travelers expect a seamless experience in flight—from ground to air to ground again. Cabin management systems are expected to provide content and entertainment options and high-speed connectivity, so business travelers can stay in touch, engaged and informed. The cabin experience is one of no compromises in connectivity, comfort, ease of use or flexibility.

Nearly every business jet manufacturer in the world is working to enhance flight safety, aircraft efficiency and passenger comfort. Intelligent and connected cockpits help pilots fly more safely and efficiently, with systems that provide flight planning, trip support and flight operations management. Our turnkey aerospace PCB assembly, wire harness assembly and integrated box build solutions support the highly advanced systems on these jets.

PCB assemblies for cabin lighting, controls and other applications in high-end corporate jets.

Aerospace PCB Assembly Customers

We build PCB assemblies for cabin lighting, controls and other applications in high-end corporate jets, whether new or retrofit. Collins Aerospace, part of the Raytheon Technologies family, is one such customer. On the ground, for our customer BAPI and their customer, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of NASA, we provide printed circuit board assemblies for immersion sensors that are incorporated into maintaining a 33-story-high antenna and the giant turntable on which it is mounted.

Meeting Your Precise Specifications, With an Emphasis on Customer Service 

ETI/ACH has served as a source of high-quality PCB assembly and custom wire and cable products for over 30 years. We can provide extremely complex small batches or large production runs. Throughout our years in business, we’ve provided customers from virtually every industry—including aerospace—with electrical connection solutions for some of their most challenging applications. 

jet pcb assemblies
Custom PCB assembly, cable harness and wire assemblies used in Aerospace electronics.

An Integrated Solution for Aerospace

Electronic Contract Manufacturing

Your complex requirements call for a trusted supply chain partner with sophisticated, integrated capabilities. Rigorous, reliable and responsive, we deliver quality and value in aerospace PCB assembly and cable harness and wire assembly through continuous improvement, personalized service and ISO 9001:2015 quality management.